Old Derby Animal Hospital Charitable Fund

Old Derby Animal Hospital's Charitable Fund

Old Derby Animal Hospital has recognized for many years the need for providing pet care in special situations when financial needs are limited. That is why we developed the Old Derby Charitable Fund to provide care for injured stray animals or pets which are in desperate need of health care. The Old Derby Charitable Funds will primarily be used towards the needs of stray animals that are rescued by caring people and brought to our hospital for treatment due to an injury. The fund can also be used for routine tests to ensure the pet’s health before that pet is taken into a new home. Occasionally, our staff suggests financial support for pet owners who are severely limited monetarily and have pets with treatable medical problems.

The fund is made up of voluntary contributions from our hospital, our staff, and from our caring clients. Donations may be made in the memory of a loved pet that’s no longer with us. Helping another pet in need is a wonderful way to keep that pet’s memory alive.


If you are interested in contributing now, please contact our reception staff and they will be happy to assist. You may contact them at (781) 749-2800 (781) 749-2800 or clientservices@oldderbyah.com