There is a certain joy in recapping the year at its close. Be it major world events, television finales, or celebrity mishaps, there seems to be a sort of thrill that comes with reveling in things passed. Join Old Derby Animal Hospital, then, in seeing 2018 off well by recapping our top five pet care blogs of the year.

Old Derby Animal Hospital’s Top 5 Pet Care Blogs of the Year

#5: Is ‘Summer Pet Safety’ an Oxymoron? Not with Our Guidelines!
Pets sure do know how to find trouble, don’t they? Whether it’s toxins, foreign bodies, or injuries, pets really can find themselves in veritable jams. Luckily, they are limited to an incident every once in awhile, but then comes summer. With its BBQ’s, block parties, parades, and more, an adherence to summer pet safety can get quickly relegated to the back burner. Read more!

#4: Powerfully Pain-Free: Laser Therapy for Pets
As veterinary professionals and animal lovers, we get pretty excited about the many advances that are continually being made in the world of animal science, especially when it comes to pain relief. At Old Derby Animal Hospital, we’re proud to offer new modalities that support pet health and reduce suffering. Laser therapy for pets is one such technique that speeds healing time and alleviates pain. Continue reading…

pet emergency

#3: Homeward Bound: Why Microchipping Your Pet is so Important
As pet owners, our number one priority is keeping our pets safe. Leashes, fenced yards, and of course a collar and ID tags are just some of the ways we provide the security our pets need to live long, happy lives. Read on!

#2: The Bugs are Out! Is Your Pet Protected from Parasites?
Summer comes with so many advantages: swimming, barbecues, outdoor parties, lakeside relaxation, camping, hiking… you name it! But along with the perks, comes the parasites. That’s right; mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other warm body seeking parasites are out in droves. Continue reading…

#1: Fall Into Fall, But Don’t Forget About Fall Pet Safety!
Autumn is on the horizon, one of our favorite times of year. Cooler weather, changing leaves, apple cider, and pumpkins in the market. Chances are, your pets love it too. They may love to roll in the leaves and cozy up on the couch, and the cooler weather means they may be able to be outdoors more without the risk of overheating. Keep reading…

New Year’s Resolutions

Fall pet safety can protect your pet from spooky things

After spending some time reminiscing about the previous year by reading our pet care blogs, it is time to think about the upcoming New Year and what resolutions we might have.

As we head into 2019, the staff at Old Derby Animal Hospital is making a resolution to continue to bring the best compassionate and personal veterinary care to pets in the Hingham area. We hope that you will make an appointment so that we can head into the New Year with your family as part of ours.