For some of us, pet grooming conjures up images of brushes and bows, but the fact is that regular grooming isn’t just a canine or feline luxury. It’s a necessity.

Good pet grooming not only keeps your companion smelling their best, it can make them more comfortable and help you to spot health concerns before they become serious, or even life threatening.

The Importance of Pet Grooming

For some pet owners, grooming their pet can be stressful. It’s always easier if you begin a grooming routine when your pet is young, as regular handling – especially of ears and paws – can help your pet become more comfortable with the process.

Nevertheless, even older pets can learn to enjoy this regular and daily attention. And, regular pet grooming will strengthen the bond you and your pet share.

Professional pet grooming is one way to support your pet care efforts at home. Professional groomers are trained to detect potential health problems in pets, and they are also experts at keeping your pet looking, smelling, and feeling his best.

Here are some of the benefits, from Old Derby Animal Hospital.

Bathing – bathing too often can actually reduce needed oils in your dog’s skin. However, some dogs need medicated baths on a regular schedule in order to relieve itchy or inflamed skin. If your veterinarian has recommended a regular bathing schedule, consider the HydroSurge bathing treatment at The Spa at Old Derby. Call us for details!

Brushing – the importance of brushing cannot be overstated. In certain breeds with double coats, brushing properly can alleviate and prevent mats, which are very uncomfortable. In silky coated dogs, regular brushing with the right tools can prevent tangles and removes dirt, dandruff, and dead hair.

Brushing also allows you to notice any fleas or ticks, and remove or treat for them. A careful brushing allows you to look for any lumps, bumps, or injuries while clearing mats and parasites. Follow up with your veterinarian on any problems you find, and you may even detect cancer in time to save your pet’s life.

Clipping – some breeds really need regular clipping. Curly coated dogs such as poodles and terriers usually need clipping about every six weeks. Spaniels and other sporting dogs also benefit from regular trims, which reduce tangles, mats, and debris in the coat.  Many dogs with long hairs around their eyes and other sensitive areas should have professional grooming to ensure their comfort, health and safety.

Nail trims – it’s difficult for pets to walk (let alone run) with nails that are too long. Keeping nails trimmed on a regular basis prevents painful cracks and breaking of the nails. In older pets, it can also reduce the pain of arthritis and joint pain by making walking easier.

Ear cleaning – ears can be a concern for a number of different breeds. Ears should be clean and odor free. If your pet has red, swollen, or unpleasant smelling ears should be examined by a veterinarian. Regular ear cleaning can help your pet be more comfortable and reduce yeast, bacteria, and their associated odors.

Tooth brushing – that’s right!  Brushing your pet’s teeth is the most effective way to reduce plaque and tartar and prevent dental disease. Bad breath isn’t normal in pets – it’s a sign of dental problems. Pets can learn to enjoy having their teeth brushed, and this process can take just minutes a day. A lifetime of good oral health will protect your pet from painful, swollen gums, loose teeth, bacterial infection in the mouth, and even systemic diseases of the liver, heart, and kidneys. Our skilled team can show you how.

Benefits for Both

Regular grooming not only makes your pet more comfortable and healthier, it also relaxing for the pet who is used to it. A coat free of mats, tangles, burrs, and fleas and ticks feels good for your pet just as having nice clean clothes feels good to you. And, a nice tummy rub and some special time together after a pet grooming is also relaxing for you.

If you would like support with professional, regular grooming, please give the Spa at Old Derby a call. We are happy to help keep your pet looking and feeling her best! No bows required.