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Top 10 Dog Parks Near Hingham, MA

Three Dogs on a Grassy Field

Hingham, Massachusetts is a town of the greater Boston area located in Plymouth County.

On the south shore of the iconic colonial Boston Harbor, Hingham is home to many beautiful parks and nature walks for you and your dog to enjoy.

Many of them offer doggy bags for you to properly dispose of any waste, as well as off-leash areas for your dog to roam under owner supervision. There is even an indoor dog park you can access just ten minutes away.

If you like to get outdoors and connect with nature while spending time with your canine, Hingham has some of the best available dog parks to try out.


Stodder’s Neck & Abigail Adams Park is located on Lincoln Street in Hingham, Massachusetts. The park boasts harborside trails and paths for dog-walkers alike to take with their furry friends. Parking is available free of charge when visiting Stodder’s, and there are designated areas where dogs are allowed off-leash.

Many visitors regard this park as one of the best parks for dogs because of its beautiful scenery and landscape. You can access this park by taking route 3A and is on the Weymouth/Hingham line.

The park is surrounded by water, trees, and grassy areas making this one of the top dog parks in Hingham.


JB’s Indoor Dog Park is one you won’t want to miss. It is located on Longwater Drive in Norwell, just outside of Hingham. This state-of-the-art dog park is a great option when the outdoor conditions are less than ideal.

Their website even solicits “no more muddy paws” to welcome New Englanders to a 3,000 square foot indoor alternative. This dog park was also voted one of America’s Finest Indoor dog parks for its safe and fun environment.

For a small fee you can become a member with perks and unlimited access, or pay a $15 drop-in fee if you want to visit for the day.

JB’s provides WiFi, toys, agility equipment, beverages & snacks, water, and a flat screen TV to cover all of you and your dog’s needs. They even welcome any size dog to come and play, puppies included!


Bare Cove Park is located in Hingham, Massachusetts, on the Weymouth Back River. The 484 acre park features an abundance of wildlife and is open for public recreation.

Bring your dog for numerous trails to enjoy and plenty of space to explore. There are maps within the park that give access to many hiking, bicycling, jogging and peaceful walking trails to take with your dog, on-leash of course.


Abington Dog Park on Summer Street is just outside of Hingham and has lots of room for your dog to enjoy. The park features a few wonderful perks like dog water fountains and friendly fellow dog-owners, according to locals. The park opened in 2019 and welcomes off-leash activity.

The cost to enjoy the park is free, and there are several dirt mounds available for digging tunnels and other equipment that your dog will love. Rules can be found upon entering the park such as 2 dogs per adult, and no smoking on the property.


Located at 25 Memorial Grove Avenue, just a few miles outside of Hingham, Southfield Dog Park features wide open spaces for your dog to get some exercise in. This dog park is in a quiet location, and is enjoyed by many dog owners alike.

With two fenced-in areas, you can choose between the small or large dog run. Southfield Dog Park is a great place to take your dog to meet an abundance of dogs, in a fun atmosphere. Bring your own toys or enjoy the ramps and other obstacles for your dog to use.


This park is not only dog-friendly, but it is also a gorgeous spot located right in Hingham, Massachusetts. Sandy beaches, waterfront trails, and open spaces adorn this property making it one you and your dog will love visiting.

Located off Hobart Street in West Hingham, More-Brewer Park stretches across nearly 190 acres of land.

Several miles of trails are available and visitors say this park is peaceful beyond comparison. Be sure to check for ticks any time you bring your dog, as nature is abundant in this region of Hingham.


Hidden Pond is conveniently located on Keith Way in Hingham and is a gorgeous dog-friendly park to explore. It is located behind Whole Foods which makes this park the perfect picnic spot with your favorite canine. Hidden Pond also includes a large parking area for your vehicle.

Visitors regard this park as a great escape from your busy day as it is located close to shopping and other commercial establishments.


If you want to get out of Hingham city limits, but stay close by, Sharon Dog Park is an excellent place to take your dog. This off-leash dog park is located off I-95 and is fully-fenced for your dog to get the exercise he deserves.

The park features two areas for both large and small dogs, and puppies to play in.

All breeds are welcome to come and frolic, as well as meet other dogs in a safe and fun environment. It began in 2004 when the Sharon Board of Selectman approved the revision of the “Old Corral” at the Deborah Sampson Park.

Since then it has been a beloved dog park for dogs in Sharon and surrounding areas.


Quincy Dog Park can be found in Quincy, Massachusetts just minutes from Hingham. Located off of Quarry Street, Quincy Dog Park is known for being well maintained, and clean for dog owners and their dogs to enjoy.

You’ll find visitors sharing their love for its amenities and ample space at the dog park for their pets to zoom and play.

Adorned with benches and even doggy water fountains, this dog park is a great place to visit if you are in the Hingham area. The space is fully-fenced and allows your dog to run and play off-leash with owner supervision.


Randolph Dog Park is right near Hingham, Massachusetts and offers a fun environment for all dogs within the area. Randolph Dog Park is a clean, and well-maintained dog park that allows dogs of all sizes to get their exercise in a safe atmosphere.

There is lots of shade, trees, fire hydrants, and other amenities like waste receptacles available at the park.

Pet owners can even let their dog off-leash in the fully fenced area that has obstacles and other fun things for your dog to enjoy. Visitors and citizens of the community regard this park as an excellent place for dogs because of its cleanness, and size of space.


Whether you live in the Hingham area or are looking for a new place to bring your dog, there are great options available just a short drive away. The community surrounding Hingham supports the need for safe, fun, and tranquil environments for dogs and their owners to enjoy.

Before going to any dog park, you should always check to see what their rules and regulations are. Some allow your dog to be off-leash while others require your dog remain on their leash in designated areas. You’ll also want to talk with your veterinarian in Hingham, MA to make sure your dog is caught up on all of their vaccinations.

For more information, or if you have any questions about taking your dog to the park, call our team at Old Derby Animal Hospital today at (781) 749-2800.