The summer has a lot going for it, but for all the fun and good times there are an equal number of precautions to consider. For example, sustained rising temperatures are very risky to summer pet safety – but that’s just the beginning!

Summer block parties, fireworks displays, and even laid-back backyard BBQ’s can all pose threats to the pets we know and love.

Getting Ready

Irrational fear of loud noises (think fireworks or thunderstorms) is common in pets, which may lead to running away from their owners or homes. One of the most important components of summer pet safety is as small as a grain of rice. Pet microchips can make all the difference when pets become lost or separated from their people. If your pet doesn’t already have a chip, please consider having it done.

Speaking of Crowds…

Taking your pet out in public can be really fun, but it’s not uncommon for pets to feel anxious, stressed, or scared when surrounded by unfamiliar people, loud music, and unpredictable sights and sounds. Always be sure that your pet is up for a day among others, and if they haven’t been trained to follow basic commands (and need improvement in the socialization department), please leave them at home where they’ll be safe.

Overwhelmed Senses

Summer is known for its picnics, parties, fireworks, and thunderstorms, but all of these have the potential to upset and endanger your pet. Please apply the following summer pet safety precautions to protect their health and wellness:

  • Pets take any chance they can get to sample delicious human food, but many items and ingredients can be highly toxic. Xylitol (artificial sweetener), caffeine, alcohol, chocolate, avocados, onions, garlic, grapes and raisins should always be avoided, but things like corn dog stick, skweres, chicken wings, tin foil, corn cobs and more can present choking hazards to an opportunistic pet.
  • Pet anxiety is very real and deeply felt during the summer months when fireworks and thunderstorms are common. If you know your pet is scared of loud noises, try to stay home with them. Be sure to keep them in a room or area that is secure, comfortable, and quiet.
  • Swimming is fun for many breeds, but water play creates certain risks. Always supervise your pet in or around water. Keep them hydrated and rest every few minutes. If possible, find as much shade or cover as possible.
  • Whether it’s chlorine, saltwater or freshwater, rinse off your pet following any swimming.

The Heat of the Matter

Generally speaking, if the ground is too hot for your hand or bare foot it’s considered dangerous for your pet to walk on. Always walk your dog during the hours of dawn and dusk, when the temperature is cooler. Walk on grassy areas, and be sure to find shade when you can. Don’t forget to carry along cool, fresh water, and to rest frequently.

Summer Pet Safety

Heatstroke represents a true pet emergency and remains a constant threat to summer pet safety. It can be avoided by not leaving pets alone in parked vehicles or in areas without proper ventilation. Pets can also overheat if they work or run too hard and lack cool water or shade to cool down in.

Lastly, we recommend keeping your pet up to date with all of their vaccinations and parasite prevention medication. Please let us know if your pet has lapsed on any of these, or if you have further questions regarding summer pet safety. Our staff at Old Derby Animal Hospital is always here for you.