Pet Links

Dog Behavior

Behavior and dog training tips
offers information on different behaviors and various training options for dogs

The Behavior Clinic at Tufts Veterinary School
The Behavior Clinic at the Foster Hospital for Small Animals successfully treats many common animal behavior problems


AKC's C.A.R. / Register ID chips /Tattoos
Another great site to register your pet. It accepts chip #'s as well as tattoos and ID tags.

HomeAgain Microchips
register at home again

Petlink / Register ID chip
This is where you can register your pet's ResQ microchip information.

Pet Adoptions

Beagles of New England States (B.O.N.E.S.)
A mission to rescue, rehome, spay/neuter, and
provide necessary medical care to beagles in need in the New England area.

House Rabbit Society (adoption and care)
Great site for adoption and all aspects of rabbit care.

Mass. Humane Society
adoptions,foster homes,donations,events

MSPCA adoptions is a great web site for those looking for a lost pet or for a pet to adopt.

South Shore Ferret Care
Ferrets available on the SouthShore

The Standish Humane Society
The Standish Humane Society is a no-kill cat shelter and adoption center located in Duxbury MA.

Underdog ResQ
A site for adoption of homeless dogs run by volunteers and foster families.

Pet Care and Education

American Kennel Club
The AKC can help you choose a breed,local clubs and events to attend, as well as other dog information.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. This site includes poison control information.

Backyard Butler/ pet waste removal
No time to clean the yard from your pets? Let the butler do it.

Cat Fancier's Club
Great information on cat breeds,care and events.

Doody Calls /pet waste removal
Removal of pet waste from your yard.

Hill's Science Diet Foods
Information on one of the doctor recomended pet food brands(prescription and welliness)

Pet Obesity: facts and tools to help weight loss
A great site to learn why obesity is such a health risk for our pets as well as helpful tools to get your pet in shape.

Responsable Breeding Conciderations
This site helps owners decide if this is the right and responsable thing to do with their pet. Links for individual breed code of breeding ethics and requirements prior to breeding.

Royal Canin Diets
Information on doctor recomended prescription diets.

Pet Insurance

AKC Pet Plan
The AKC also provides insurance plans to cater to your pets needs and preventative care.

Embrace Pet Insurance
Embrace Pet Insurance is a specialist insurance agency. Embrace sells pet health insurance for cats and dogs. You pay your veterinarian's bill and then they refund you a portion of the bill. Every Embrace Pet Insurance policy is 100% underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd's of London, which has been in business since 1688.

Pet Insurance Reviews
Reviews and comparisions of pet insurance companies

Veterinary Pet Insurance
Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is a Pet Insurance company that provides reimbursement coverage for your pet's eligible medical treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays, prescriptions and more.

Pet Loss

Angel View Pet Services/Cemetery
Pet burial,cremation and memorials

Grief Hotline:
Tufts University Veterinary School. M-F 6-9pm ET. Calls from outside Massachusetts will be returned at no charge. 508-839-7966.

Pet Loss Local Support Group Meeting:
There is a pet loss support group meeting held the first Monday of every month at The Scituate Library from 7-8p. This is free to the public and all are welcome. The group is led by an animal specialist and a mental health therapist and sponsored by the Scituate Animal Shelter. For more information, call 781-545-8703.

Quality of life/Pet Loss, Support Page
Defining quality of life for pets,emotions of loss,hard decision to make, final farewell,creating memorial etc..

Pet Photography/ Pet Art

Jann Loves Dogs Photography

Pet Portraits by Ann Wolff
Beautiful paintings.

Pet Training

Puppy Learning Center- Dorothy O'Connor

Bark Busters
Local trainer using a more natural method of training developed in Australia.

Canine Coaching- William O'Hara

Canine Etiquette, dog training in Halifax
A great site for basic training as well as behavior modification. serving several towns.

Clicker Training ( info./supplies)
A doctor recomended site for clicker training.

The Dog Butler
Extensive information on training your dog.

Zen Dog Training
Classes in home or in a group.

Pet Travel

Air Animal Pet Movers
Air Animal Pet Movers is dedicated to providing the relocating pet owner with the best in animal care, welfare and transportation- Globally as well as nationwide.

AVMA Travel Information
Planning and preparation are necessary when traveling with family pets. The AVMA has some very helpful info when traveling with your pets.

Hotel/lodging with your Pet
Looking for pet friendly hotels,campgrounds or bed and breakfasts ? Try this helpful site.

International Animal Export Regulations
International health certificates for the export of animals from the United States

International Travel Handout
A handout from the USDA explaining the steps for international travel with your pet. (PDF)

Jet Blue Pet Travel program
Flying Jet Blue? Check out the pet travel program.

Pet Friendly Travel/Pet Rest Areas in airports
pet friendly airports provide rest areas for you and your pet!

Pets,People and Safety

Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Information on keeping pets and people safe and healthy.

Planning for Emergencies/Disasters
Would you know what to do with your pet if a disaster strikes? This site will help you plan ahead.


Mammals of New England
Information on species found in New England.

New England Wildlife Center
A center for wildlife in trouble and public relations.