Worry-Free Pet Boarding: Luxury Kennel & Grooming

Pet Boarding: Luxury Kennel & Grooming at Old Derby Animal Hospital

Do you worry every time you board your pet that the pet will be uncomfortable and lonely? Have you actually refused to go on vacation because you would not leave the family pet? Well, those days of worry are behind you now! The Inn at Old Derby, located on the ground floor of the Old Derby Animal Hospital, offers luxury boarding for even the most demanding cat or dog. Spacious pet suites, elevated beds with plush bedding, and attentive inn keepers will meet the needs of all your pets.

The Inn at Old Derby is truly unique, offering a wide choice of pet-friendly accommodations. Our feline visitors are housed in their own private cat wing. Their individual, multilevel condos offer views of the flat screen television and connect to the condos of other cat members in their immediate family. Canine guests choose among biscuit bungalows, vacation villas, and luxury suites. The larger luxury suites are lavishly appointed with glass fronts, television views, and raised Kuranda beds. The mid-sized vacation villas offer raised Kuranda beds, a gated front, and ample lounging space. The canine biscuit bungalows are geared for smaller dogs and offer quiet, separate housing areas outfitted with extraordinarily comfortable bedding. Additionally, the Inn welcomes visiting pocket pets. For those pets too large to travel with their own homes, the Inn offers spacious cages, situated in the quiet cat wing.

In addition to the designer accommodations, the Inn at Old Derby offers a doggie play yard, a cat play room, and an extraordinary a la carte menu similar to those offered at the finest spas. For example, individual nature walks are available for dogs, along with extra cuddle time, extra play time, ball play time, special puppy outings, and spa services such as pedicures and bathing. Our daily maid service ensures that all facilities, including the rooms, the condominiums, the cat playroom, and the dog play yard are kept immaculately clean.

The Inn at Old Derby offers the utmost in bathing services. In addition to the daily brushing offered to our pets, we are offer the beloved HydroSurge bathing experience. The HydroSurge bathing system offers pets a cleaning experience like none they have experienced before. The shampoo is mixed directly with the water as it is being applied to the skin. This allows the shampoo to deeply and evenly penetrate your pet’s coat and reach the skin, where it can do its job, cleaning, medicating, and relieving itching of the skin. The HydroSurge unit offers stimulating massage that increases blood circulation and leaves aching joints feeling relieved and soothed. The unique system even allows the water itself to remove irritants and help heal allergic, inflamed skin. All in all, the HydroSurge bathing system makes the pet feel better after every bath.

The HydroSurge is a wonderful treat for boarded pets before they head back home and an added benefit for those hospital patients that need skin therapy. By the time your pet comes home, you may not recognize the happy, relaxed pet with the trimmed nails and the glossy coat.

Our boarding staff would be happy to make appointments and answer questions about the Inn at Old Derby. Please remember that all pets must be up-to-date on their vaccinations and have had a negative fecal sample within the last year. This ensures that parasites and preventable diseases do not enter the inn’s environment.