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Pet Dental Care at Old Derby Animal Hospital

An often over-looked, but critical part of your pet’s overall health care is dental care. A pet with an unhealthy mouth is an unhealthy pet. Years ago, we assumed that all dogs would eventually have dirty, stained teeth and that their breath smelled, ’doggy’. Today, it is a known fact that dogs with healthy mouths have clean, tartar-free teeth and a pleasant mouth odor. Animals with dirty teeth and foul breath have oral disease; they may have mouth pain and are more likely to suffer from diseases related to mouth bacteria. Sadly, cats, ferrets, and other small pets also suffer from dental disease, but shouldn’t. All of our pets benefit from veterinary care of their mouths and teeth.

Facts About Your Pet’s Mouth

Facts About Puppies and Kittens

Preventable Problems Related to Dental Disease

Many health problems are linked to improper care of your pet’s teeth. Proper, routine cleaning and care will not prevent every disease, but will help eliminate mouth disease as a cause of the following problems.

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