Puppy & Kitten Care

Puppy & Kitten Care is Available at Old Derby Animal Hospital

The veterinary team at Old Derby Animal Hospital wants to make sure that your puppies and kittens get the absolute best start in life. A healthy puppy or kitten has the greatest chance of thriving in your home and growing up to be a well-loved member of your family. To ensure this, we make sure to meet the physical and behavioral needs of your youngest pets. Even the healthiest puppy or kitten needs to be seen by our veterinary team within a few days of entering your home. This way we can assess the little one’s health, answer any questions, and forge a special bond between your young pet and the staff of the animal hospital.

The Right Start Requires the Right Care!

We recommend the following first steps for your young pets:

In addition to these crucial first steps to a healthy life, kittens and puppies will require return trips to our office within their first year of life. Pets will be neutered (males) or spayed (females) at approximately six months of age. Additionally, your pets' weights will be monitored to make sure that he or she is not gaining too much weight and dogs will be watched for the development of hip problems. It is our goal to make sure that young pets are checked often enough to ward off major problems in the important first year of life.

During each visit, we look forward to discussing nutrition and behavior and to making recommendations regarding diet, early training, socialization, and house-training. The veterinary care team is eager to provide practical tips and suggestions for all issues. We welcome questions and look forward to meeting the newest additions to your family.